UFC Primetime is a show that gives viewers an in depth look into the lives of UFC fighters. The show, which now airs on FX, documents the lives of two opposing fighters as they prepare for their grueling battle in the octagon. Viewers see not only the physical training regimens the fighters endure, but also the mental preparations they make, the people who surround them; this includes, family, friends, trainers, spiritual guides and other fight professionals.


The show originally aired on Spike TV in 2009. It became a hit, gaining over half a million viewers, and now replays on several major networks. Each season airs three episodes which are 30 minutes long. One of the main areas of focus for the show are the fighters' training. Viewers, whether an avid martial artists or not, can enjoy the variety of workouts showcased on the show. It gives a great look not only into the workouts themselves, but also into the psychology of the fighter as they approach each training day and each individual workout.


Another great aspect of the show is that it documents not only the fun aspects of training, but also the difficult aspects as well. Viewers get to see the inner workings of a professional training camp. They see first hand how ...


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A Tale of the Tape on UFC Primetime