Below you will find samples and snippets of my work. This should give you a good idea of my style and quality, but does not sum up the totality of my hard or soft skills.   

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For this project I was commissioned to write an article about an industry-specific job search website, For this assignment I detailed the many ways in which could help prospective employees search for work using their website. My approach was to  understand what the client wanted and then peruse the website to get a better understanding of how a user might utilize and benefit from it. I also suggested keywords words that could be used within the article to optimize search engine page ranking.


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With this assignment I wrote content for a sports website looking to benefit from the popularity of the UFC on the web. To ensure the quality of the work and the accuracy of the content, I performed extensive research to understand the history of UFC Primetime. Not wanting just plain and boring statistical data, I gave the client an article about one of the aspects of the show that really attracted the audience.


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I was chosen to write the following content for an affiliate marketer who specialized in high-end watches. The article I wrote was about surf watches in particular. Not having previous knowledge about surf watches, I learn what the client wanted and conducted research on the products they wished to promote. I then provided, what I believe to be, the most relevant information for their readers.

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